Valeria Celeste

"This seems like a perfect opportunity to ask: Do you people have names?"


Human woman, 38
177 cm, 70kg, Seafaring tanned complexion
Long wavy hazel hair, kept from the face by a bandana
Deep green eyes
Large golden loop earrings, other smaller earrings scattered along both ears
A slight scar runs from the right side of her lip to and beyond her chin, memento of a childhood “accident” caused by her sister Margarita

Valeria has wide shoulders and hips, her chest being just slightly more voluptuous than that of an average human woman. She usually wears a hardened leather corset to keep everything in its place. Over the corset Valeria wears lose and light clothes to allow for ease of movement. She can be usually seen in trousers more suited for a man and wearing heavy boots with short and sturdy heels. Her hips are adorned by a wide black belt with a heavy polished steel buckle with the shape of a seahorse that she keeps clean and visible.

Uppon her left wrist and curling arround her arm is a tattoo of a chain, simple in design.


For most of her life a sailor, Valeria has a very particular relationship with the sea. Although she is driven by a sense of high adventure, heroics and fabled treasures, at the time of being abducted she had spent the last two years working as a tavern maid in a watering hole nearby a port of dubious reputation.

Given that her current attire fits more her past life thatn that of a bar maid, one can only wonder why she was ready to set sail anew that very specific night.

Valeria Celeste

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